Receta de Sandwich de lomito

Receta de Sandwich de lomito
Ingredientes para hacer Sandwich de lomito:
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Cómo hacer Sandwich de lomito:

Cocinar los bifes de lomo vuelta y vuelta , salarlos.


Aparte partir el pan colocar la carne luego los ajies, tomate, lechuga, salpimentar y el queso.

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“The copy-editing, on the other hand, is terrible.”Probably beucsae it's just a blog. That was my excuse too.So lets see we have 1) someone who writes their own blog2) someone who moves in hi level Venezuelan and Chinese diplomatic circles (I am sure he speaks polished Spanish and Mandarin).3) someone who claims to have contacts all over the place yet manages not single quote for attribution, nor that I can recall, even a decent anonymous one!!But he very knowingly tells us that PDVSA management is in disarray (I've been hearing that for 9 years now), that Chavez government institutions are about to collapse (I've been hearing that since when did this blog begin?), and that he is told Venezuela couldn't survive 6 months with oil at $60 (never mind that survived 2009 with oil at a lot less than that). Why am I not surprised that none of those things caused this blog to doubt the veracity of those articles?And just for good measure he has to say the existing Faja projects were implemented under a prior government!! The guy isn't doing much for the New School's reputation.
Juan Godoy
Fácil, rápido y sabroso un siete
Receta de Sandwich de lomito
Receta de Sandwich de lomito

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